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need answer

Question & Answers Today, 04:26 AM
when a heat exchanger is added downstream to the fan in a duct system,show the relative operating points before and after installation?
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Ovality Confusion

Production Technology 22 Jul 2014
Hey guys,   This is one of the problems that we as a company face during our quality audit. We cater machined products to the customers and we recently had an argument on how much ovality can a hole have it its tolerance and dia is given. For example, lets consider we have a hole of 55mm wit...
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B.tech or find job?

Career Guidance 19 Jul 2014
My age is 24, now i complite diploma in mechanical, .. I have hs in 50%marks and secondary 63%. That too low. I complite my diploma from a govt reputed college and also have confident to get a good b.tech college. So i am total confuse. Which is better for me? Please help me
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mechanical project

15 Jul 2014
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What are the 7 types of dimensioning mistakes?

Question & Answers 15 Jul 2014
What are the 7 types of dimensioning mistakes?     I will post the answer next week
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PE foils

Question & Answers 14 Jul 2014
Hello everybody,   I have a question regarding PE foils which are coated over steel plates for transport protection.  Does anyone has any idea how to remove it from the sheet using chemicals?   Thank you, FB.
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Linear Motion Mechanism For Clean Energy.

Post N Read Papers, Projects, Dissertation reports 08 Jul 2014
  Force is applied on second slider using first slider. First slider move little bit and help to move second slider 6 times lenght at 70 % force. You can find research information and prototype videos at http://mechanicalresearch.info/
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Choosing materials for structure

Question & Answers 03 Jul 2014
Hi everyone.   I am going to automate a plastic extrusion bottle machine and I need to build a structure to hold up a pneumatic cylinder. I already know how to do a structural analysis of a body in equilibrium but I dont know how to choose the aluminium tubing diameter and shape. I mean how...
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Air cooled heat exchanger

Machine Dynamics & Design Considerations 02 Jul 2014
I have to design an air cooled heat exchanger   Then i need an example of datasheet & calculation of air cooled heat exchanger so that i can use it as a reference.   If someone can help me to get the datasheet & calculation, please reply   Big thanks to all of you 
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Cahyo Angkoso, Mech Eng student

Introduce yourself : Engineering Profile 01 Jul 2014
Hi everyone, although maybe it's quite late, please let me introduce myself   Name : Cahyo Angkoso Age : 23 Occupation : Student From : Indonesia   I'm glad that i joined this forum, and i want to learn and share everything about mechanical engineering with anyone here. I will need a lo...
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