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Acronyms of FSO?

Question & Answers Yesterday, 12:11 PM
Hi. Someone know what the acronym of FSO (In the context of linear sensor)? 
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Written Exam Questions for Engineers-Bangladesh

Production/Operations Job feeds Yesterday, 01:34 AM
Written Exam Questions for Engineers-Bangladesh http://unibangladesh...ngineering.html
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Building basket of batch(discontinuous) sugar centrifuge

Question & Answers 28 Aug 2014
What materials should i use to build "basket of batch(discontinuous) sugar centrifuge? Please help me,i'm working at a important project. thank you
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Need Help For A Solution

Question & Answers 19 Aug 2014
i am facing a problem with the joint of flexible pipe and refrigerator door switch box. Actually during PU foaming of refrigerator foam was delivered to cabinet at 160 bar pressure and due to this high pressure often pipe leave the collar of door switch board. Can anybody suggest me any other joi...
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Thickness Of Thermoformed Refrigerator Liner

Question & Answers 19 Aug 2014
Dear All,   Can anybody suggest me the tool to find out the exact thickness of the attached liner with 100% accuracy.Any mechanical or electrical device???   imran shah
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Simple Magnet

Power Engineering And Fuel Alternatives 16 Aug 2014
Two magnetic fields interaction videohttps://www.youtube....h?v=XNqq6YgdGX4
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Two circles illusion

Power Engineering And Fuel Alternatives 14 Aug 2014
This should be explained... https://www.youtube....h?v=mW-0bZwoGwQ
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Gas Turbine

Question & Answers 08 Aug 2014
what is the relation between gas turbine output power and the mass flow rate of air coming from the compressor? and how this mass flow rate is affected by the radial clearance of compressor blades? please submit theoretical formula. also how the fuel consumption is affected by the mass flow rate?
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Fresh Mechanical Engineer entering the pipeline installat...

Career Guidance 07 Aug 2014
Hi I'am a fresh graduate with a bachelors of engineering in mechanical engineering. During an interview for a job opportunity in crude oil pipeline installation, the interviewer warned me that if i got the job and entered this domain it will be really hard for me to enter  another mechanical...
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