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      06 Jan
    Landee Pipe

    Landee Steel Pipe Co. is a China Steel Pipe and Industrial Pipe Manufacturer, Professional Supplier and Exporter, specializing in Welded Steel Pipe, Seamless Steel Pipe, Surface Finished Pipe, OCTG Pipe, Heat Exchanger Pipe & Tube, etc in a variety of materials, sizes and grades. The most important of all, we are still providing best products, favorable price and the most brilliant business services for clients in the entire world all the way. Landee Steel Pipe Co. here faithfu...

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      02 Jan

    Dear, on butterfly valve testing procedure beyond the API 598 and FCI 70-3, the large valve more than DN 1500 what is the criteria? and acceptance on which standard to follow

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What Does a Recruitment Manager Do?

Employer Profiles, Work Profiles Prnd salaries Today, 07:18 AM
A recruitment manager's main responsibility is to search for suitable employees. He or she works closely with the human resources (HR) department of his or her company to understand the firm's hiring needs. Directly seeking job candidates, screening resumes and following employment laws...
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pressure drop

Question & Answers 25 Jan 2015
How influence the pressure drop in the dynamic stability of the fluid mass flow rate of an evaporator?
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Engine oil

Machine Dynamics & Design Considerations 23 Jan 2015
Recent development in some of the vehicles like Activa i has replacable oil in it. Means we have to go after fixed kilometers for replacing the engine oil and there is no other intake of oil in the engine. Can anybody explain me its basic mechanism?
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How Connection made to tyre and Motors

Question & Answers 23 Jan 2015
Hi, I got the image of making bowling machine. But I dont know, how to make it by myself. I am unable to identify how to connect the motor to tyre. Please check the image  
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Bin Data for Heating/Cooling Degree Days for Western Aust...

Question & Answers 23 Jan 2015
Ladies and Gents,   I'm interested in performing some energy consumptions estimates on some HVAC systems supporting buildings I'm working on and would like to find some Bin Data for the Heating / Cooling Degree Days for the calculations.   I'm working out of Western Australia (WA) now b...
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Unigraphics interview

Amazing Files (Simulation & Animation) 22 Jan 2015
Dear Frnds,                  I am having interview in MNC by next weekend. The Cad tool they are using is Unigraphics. Kindly help me in providing some materials to overcome tool test.                 ...
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Follow Your Passion

General Talks 22 Jan 2015
New Year’s Eve is a time of rejoicing. It presents exciting possibilities for the future. It can also be a chance to introspect.  A chance to truly recognize your passions and dreams.   This new year, take the time to ask yourself these fundamental questions.  Are you at war...
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Digital Freeze Workshop

General Talks 22 Jan 2015
Ever wondered why your photos, though appreciated by friends, are not well-received by professionals? In the trending field of photography, how does one stand out?    In this modern era, should we take assistance of autofocus, auto-exposure or should one manually adjust shutter speed co...
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Biomimicry Workshop

General Talks 22 Jan 2015
Nature has evolved species for millions of years to create species finest of its kind, the one that could best adapt and integrate with the environment. Now, it is upto us, the engineers, to make use of our skills and mimic the features that took ages to take form in mere minutes of inspiration....
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An open opportunity in mechanical engineering industry

Mechanical Engineering Jobs 22 Jan 2015
We, Vietnam Manpower Supplier is one of the leading manpower supply agencies in Vietnam. Annually, Vietnam Manpower Supplier dispatches hundreds of Vietnamese laborers to work in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait...with total thousands of laborers with different job categories. We are looking for...
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