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      23 Nov

    Greetings of the Day Am Ravisankar from MECHFORT TECHNOLOGY, Coimbatore, TamilNadu India, We wish to introduce our self that “MECHFORT TECHNOLOGY "

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Natural gas power plant

Power Engineering And Fuel Alternatives Yesterday, 06:25 AM
Using gas to produced power
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Turbine design by low pressure induction

Machine Dynamics & Design Considerations 20 Nov 2014
Considering Machine Mechanism it can be possible that such Turbine can be design at low pressure induction that will move to a considerable speed to operate a Generator for producing electricity at a low value of 1KW.
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Are you finding a number of high skilled labors in Vietn...

Question & Answers 18 Nov 2014
Dear Sir/ Madam,   Welcome to Vietnam Workforce Supplier,   We are Vietnam Workforce Supplier, a service oriented company majored in Manpower/Human, specialize at supplying Vietnamese Manpower to work abroad such as: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait.........with total thousands of labor...
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Machine Design Engineering

Machine Dynamics & Design Considerations 17 Nov 2014
This App provides Machine Design Engineering 1. Introduction 2. Power transmission systems 3. Design of Belt drives 4. Design of Chain drives 5. Design of Gear drives 6. Internal Combustion Engine 7. Engine Cylinder 8. Piston and Rings 9. Connecting Rod 10. Crankshaft 11. Test your skills
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Automobile engineering

Engineering Materials 16 Nov 2014
The “Automobile Engineering” Android App by Knowledge flow. This application is for all students of Automobile Engineering students across the world. This App provides Automobile Engineering quick references with suitable diagrams along with simple reading language explaining the topi...
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General Talks 16 Nov 2014
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2015, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 30th January – 2nd February,2015 as a part of Kshitij, the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur. With a wide array of challenging and innovative problem...
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studies after BE Graduate

General Talks 15 Nov 2014
Hello friends,some ofthem interest in study and gaining any knowledge after completing BE, so have to know which course is good and effective to learn and in which area.,
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What to face when you work with foreign colleagues?

General Talks 13 Nov 2014
I am working at a manpower company who specialized in providing manpower oversea.  We not only frequently work with foreign partners but also take a thousand of skilled labors to live and work oversea, which brings us many experiences. Everyday, we have to deal with a hundred problems which...
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Mechanic Career Opportunities in Vietnam Workforce Supplier

Mechanical Engineering Jobs 11 Nov 2014
Dear Sir/ Madam,   Greetings from Vietnam Workforce Supplier,   Vietnam Workforce Supplier, is a heading recruitment consultant with over years of experience, specializing at Manpower with all of the fields such as :  Construction Industries, Heavy Equipment Operators , Engineers,...
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Question & Answers 10 Nov 2014
Which coupling is used for joining two shafts of different diameter?
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