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No need to find further, the best labours for all your re...

Production/Operations Job feeds Today, 02:43 AM
We are the leading Manpower supplier in Vietnam. Vietnam Manpower JSC in a good position to supply all type of Vietnamese manpower as your requirements. We are looking for recruitment agencies and employers who are in need of Vietnamese manpower.   We are holding a successful track record o...
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approximate analysis of coal

General Talks 16 Dec 2014
Why operation of approximate analysis of coal is done in a furnace insulation?
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What jobs can you do with a mechanical engineering degree?

Career Guidance 16 Dec 2014
  What kinds of work mechanical engineering graduates can carry out in which engineering industries – or how you could pursue a totally different career.   I request - Just do not read post  -  Start by contributing to this post What ever you have heard or seen Mechanic...
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Question & Answers 10 Dec 2014
You are a director of a business and you want to have many talented, skilled employess, but you don’t know how to attract many high skilled employees. So, We (Vietnam Workforce Supplier) will show you the valuable tips to attract many high skilled employees. Please kindly read these followi...
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What is this area of study called?

Question & Answers 10 Dec 2014
Hello all, I am a freshman enrolled in Mechanical engineering. Growing up, I have always been fascinated by the LEGO technic toys and the real-life machines and wondered how do engineers design these machines and mechanisms. When someone design a complex machine or a mechanism, how do they figure...
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About build compressed air engine

Question & Answers 04 Dec 2014
Hi, I intend to build my own compressed air engine, I saw a lot of models. I prefer the rotary motion than the linear one,  My question is: Which of these designs can act as compressed air engine perfectly   Model no 1     Model no 2   Model no 3     Tha...
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Engineering Resources : Product literature & Catalogue, Case histories & White papers 04 Dec 2014
The School of Design Studies(SoDS), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, hosted a unique event titled “Design Dialogue“ at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 29 November, 2014. The highlight of the event was design practitioners from various disciplines sharing their experi...
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Reynold's Number for flow in circular tube

Thermal Sciences 03 Dec 2014
Hi, I am experimenting with two different types of fluid.I pump those fluids through a circular tube. My question is, should transition occur at or around the same reynold's number for both fluid if they are flowing through same circular tube?
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