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If the engines of a large oil tanker were used exclusivel...

Power Engineering And Fuel Alternatives 19 Oct 2014
If the engines of a large oil tanker were used exclusively to generate electricity, how much would that generate? I'm not an engineer and don't know how to calculate this, but need the information for an unrelated project. It doesn't have to be exact, more or less would be fine. In kilowatts or n...
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Bangladesh Power Generation Company Written Exam Questions

Mechanical Engineering Jobs 18 Oct 2014
Hello everybody, Today i will share Written Exam questions of Bangladeshi Power Generation Company. http://unibangladesh...-questions.html
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Hello I am new here

Introduce yourself : Engineering Profile 15 Oct 2014
My name is Togba C. Sapolucia, and I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate. Trying to jump into the market after an unfortunate hiatus. Would love to connect to other Engineering students and or graduates for networking purposes. 
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Solar Wind Turbine

Power Engineering And Fuel Alternatives 13 Oct 2014
Solar Wind Turbine vs Solar Panel videohttps://www.youtube....WZZPuvkRBdih-Ng
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how to settle in abroad as a mechanical engineer

General Talks 12 Oct 2014
Dear Friends,           I am kishore, completed graduation in 2010, and i have 4 years of experiece as a Design engineer. As you all know comparatively IT enginteer we are less paid, we need to compete with software engineers. I just want  to know how to settle in ab...
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Guidance to start a career or enter in designing field a...

Career Guidance 11 Oct 2014
i am very much interested in 3d modelling ,engineering design,analysis and to do some work for designing satellites ,air crafts,space crafts,rockets.But i am confused how to start my carrier and I am going to complete my b-tech next year.  Please help me to find out how to start and what are...
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Correlation, Causation and Why Women Don't Drive Down...

General Talks 10 Oct 2014
While reporting on data, the difference between correlation and causation comes up often. It's an important statistical concept to grasp when reading any sort of study. We've found a graph that illustrates the important difference perfectly. The graph comes from Randy Olson, a doct...
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Attendance Please

Forum Games 10 Oct 2014
Dear Mechanical Engineering members,   I want you all to visit iMechanical Engineering Forum once every day and for same I am starting "Attendance Please" Post.   Many of us read as guests, some of them just sign in and sign out and then  I request every one to mark your attendance...
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