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New radial turbine

Machine Dynamics & Design Considerations 13 Apr 2014
PL > http://youtu.be/YI2Vqf9TFi4EN > http://youtu.be/iTQweoVZspc     I'm very open for cooperation please sent me  problem I can generate full method how to solve it , prepare drawings , find company in Poland to prepare prototypes   Generaly I dream design and solve...
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heavy engineering assemblies

Question & Answers 12 Apr 2014
Hi all, I have to do some research in large and heavy components assembling, does any of you knows books or good paper articles where to look at? Regards Daniele 
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Introduction to solid works

Solidworks 12 Apr 2014
Would someone please tell me, in details about solid works   and how it is being used.   And also to know if it is different from Inventor
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Pros of Plastic Deformation ?

Question & Answers 11 Apr 2014
Hi.   I was wondering to know more about the advantages of Plastic Deformation....i'd appreciate it if u you help me out here.
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Masters vs Bachelors for Mechanical Engineering

Career Guidance 09 Apr 2014
Hi I'm currently a sophomore going for my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  I was curious how useful a masters degree would be in mechanical engineering and if it would be cost efficient.
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Mechanical Engineer - Medical Devices

Mechanical Engineering Jobs 04 Apr 2014
Hi,   I am working as a Mechanical Engineer from last 9 years. My company manufactures Medical Devices. I am looking to move to GA, NC or Dallas, Texas. I looked extensively but did not find a list which would give me all the names of the Medical Device Manufacturing companies in these areas...
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american standards on allowable stress in machine design

Question & Answers 04 Apr 2014
Hi,   I am doing structural calculations on suspended platform equipment for the US market. The ASME-A120 par. 3.1.1 refers for the allowable stress to "nationally standards promulgated by several agencies or by equivalent standards". Can anyone tell me which standards th...
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Question & Answers 03 Apr 2014
could we design elevator which work on without electricity..  
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Hydraulic connectors vs cutting fluid connector (coolant)...

Question & Answers 01 Apr 2014
can we use hydraulic connectors to convey cutting fluid (coolant) in machine tool?
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please i want answers for these questions

Question & Answers 11 Mar 2014
1-Draw the curve which appears relation between the temperature and carbon range and define used for what ? 2-What happened to the properties of a piece of steel when it is heated to a temperature of a 1000 centigrade or more ? 3-Heat intensity is measured in terms of its ? 4-Heat quantity is me...
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